Crisis Plan is an emergency management and response consultancy that specialises in providing creative solutions to challenging problems within the disaster and emergency management fields.

We aim to present exceptional value and the highest levels of service to our customers, to make sure they get the most effective, useful and simple solutions to protect their brand and their reputation in even the most difficult conditions.

Crisis Plan’s principle consultant Kevin, has over 30 experience as a fire fighter in the Royal Australian Navy, Queensland Fire and Response Service and in industry as a manager of a large industrial emergency response company. Along with Kevin’s firefighting experience, he has extensive experience and qualifications in firefighting, safety, security and emergency management including Masters, Graduate and Bachelor level qualifications in Emergency Management allowing him to think outside of the box and offer practical solutions.

His recent experience includes fire and safety auditing of industrial and commercial clients, project management of large scale industrial firefighting projects in the gas fields, business continuity and resilience projects for government clients and management of emergency services projects in the LNG, mining and coal mining sector on projects in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia

Crisis Plan makes it easier for you to get your work done without having to worry about risks from a crisis, disasters or emergencies.

We care deeply about the services we offer to our customers, and it is our clients who are at the core of everything we do.